Body Types

How do I know what body type I am?

Here are some guides to help you determine your body type. By understanding your body type, we can help guide you towards what clothing might work to accentuate your best features. By no means does this mean that you shouldn't buy something that falls outside of your category. At UnSouthern Belles, fashion means feeling good about your clothing and we hope that you wear whatever it is that you love regardless of your body type or size.

  • Straight/rectangle/banana/boy shaped:  Your bust and waist, hip and shoulder measurements are all around the same size. You look best in off the shoulder, belted, or waist defining styles. Also, ruching at the waist and longer styles that fit over your hips might be helpful in defining shape. Ladies cut tops also help provide definition of your waist better than boxy cuts.
  • Spoon/triangle/pear:  Your shoulder and bust measurements are smaller than your hips. Smaller on the top and larger on the bottom means that you will benefit from clothing that accentuates your waistline. Babydoll and empire waists will define the smallest part of your body and flow away from your hips, balancing out your shape.
  • Hourglass/diamond: You have a more balanced shape, your shoulders and hips are of similar measurements and your waist is smaller than your bust, hips and shoulders. Most clothing items are made for your body type and you can pull off most cuts of clothing.
  • Inverted triangle/apple: You are larger on the top than on the bottom. Your shoulders and bust are larger than your waist and hips. You will be accentuate your best features by defining your waist, either with belted styles, babydoll tops, and drawing more attention to your legs. Form fitting bottoms, mid to mini skirts are all going to help draw attention to your smallest parts.
  • Round/oval: Your waistline and bust tend to be larger than your shoulders and hips. Defining the area underneath your bust with tops that flow outward will help accentuate your waist. Empire waists, babydoll tops or belted tops will help to balance out your proportions. 

Remember that all body types are beautiful, regardless of shape and size. Mostly genetics account for what body type you are and how your body stores and metabolizes fat. While you can lose weight, you cannot change your body's structure, just as much as you cannot change your height. We celebrate you just the way you are.